"Join us, and learn to invest at the intersection of money and power"

~Martin Hutchinson, Director of Investment Strategy 

   With more than 60 combined years of experience... including working deep inside the U.S. Treasury Dept., Citigroup and the central-banking world... we show regular Americans how to turn trillions in D.C. money printing -- and influence -- into market-crushing gains.


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DC Finance Today

Get started tracking and profiting from trillion-dollar money flows with the Institute's flagship investment e-letter, DC Finance Today.  For more information, please click the link below. 

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DC Financial Insider

D.C. money and influence have been behind some of the biggest stock runups ever, including Tesla's 22,000%. How can you harness this trillion-dollar force?

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Supply Shock Trader

Martin Hutchinson's service for speculators only... going for 10X gains with tiny stocks filling massive supply shortages worldwide. Turn soaring prices into soaring profits...