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You're 1 click away from tapping into trillions in DC money flows. Here's what to do now...

Dear Reader:

In recent years, Washington, D.C. has printed more than $20.3 trillion... literally out of thin air. 

The Federal Reserve alone has dialed up some $8.1 trillion worth of new digital U.S. dollars. Congress and the Treasury just spent another $4.1 trillion on the Covid bailouts. Congress is on pace to spend $3 trillion more than they take in this year.... again. 

The mountain of new digital money hitting the system has soared to $120 billion... every month. 

The question for regular Americans should be: 

Where is all this money really going? 

Where do these trillions of dollars worth of new "digital greenbacks" really flow after they're created here in Washington? 

In an age of exploding money printing, a U.S. Treasury Dept. insider -- who has left the agency entirely -- is revealing the truth behind the headlines. 

A circle of elites connected to the DC printing presses has found a way to redirect billions, even trillions of dollars into their private accounts... 

Before a penny ever enters the U.S. economy! 

Before it can be used to fund a single new business, or R&D program... Before it can be used to pay for someone's new car, before it can be borrowed so a young couple can own their first home...

A tiny circle of monetary super elites are redirecting huge sums of these new digital dollars into their private accounts -- legally, and on a daily basis. 

For the first time, one of this elite circle is stepping forward to reveal their secret... 

He earned his degree in mathematics from Cambridge University in London. 

He went onto Harvard Business School, where he earned his Masters in Business Administration before formerly becoming a U.S. citizen. 

From there, Martin Hutchinson -- DC Financial's Director of Investment Strategy -- became one of the top merchant bankers in Europe, heading firms such as Rothschild bank Creditanstaldt and Swedish banking giant Enskilda Securities... 

The Ultimate Monetary and Banking Insider... Feeding You Direct Intelligence You Can Use to Make Money in the Markets

Wall Street came calling, and he worked his way up to Vice President at Citigroup, overseeing Latin American debt offerings, tracking billions through the global financial system. 

So when the U.S. Treasury Dept. needed a brilliant mathematician who happened to understand the global financial system down to the last penny... 

They turned to Martin Hutchinson, and made him one of the agency's most important advisors liaising between Washington and our partners in Europe. 

His projects included helping to launch new currency and sovereign debt systems in multiple countries, including the Republic of Macedonia. 

He continued to help the U.S. government track the flow of billions, even trillions around the world's commercial and central banking systems. 

And he created a system for tracking those trillions down to the penny, in some cases...

Down into individual accounts held, in some cases, by the richest people on the planet.

How did the money wind up there? How is it happening every day, 365 days per year... making the insiders with access richer by the day, no matter what happens to the economy or the S&P 500? 

You'll discover the answer every month in each new issue of DC Financial Insider, edited by Martin Hutchinson himself. 

Every month, Martin will deliver a brand-new moneymaking opportunity... 

A unique investment designed to help you: 

  • Reclaim some of these trillions in digital dollars being printed in DC... into your personal account...

  • Legally "front run" billions of dollars about to flood into specific investments... putting extra thousands in your pockets this year. 

  • All with one simple transaction you can make in a regular brokerage account in 5 minutes per month.

Of course, all investing involves risk. And there's always a risk of investments going to zero. 

But if you're willing to try something new...

If you're tired of getting left out of the money printing parting going on here in DC and on Wall Street... 

Step forward and join Martin now. 

Simply fill out the form below to claim one of our limited Charter Memberships in DC Financial Insider. 

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